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The Project Services division has managed Renewable Energy projects for their clients for over 15 years. Each specialist assigned to a project has over 25 years of experience in their area of expertise providing our clients with a complete solution to meet the exacting standards required for their projects.

We specialise and have extensive experience in the following;

  • Contracts & Contracting Strategies
  • Procurement
  • Commercial Management
  • Project Controls
  • Extension of Time
  • Claims

In that time we have provided a range of specialist project services that start at the development stage of the project and end with the settlement of the final accounts. We have managed and provided professional assistance at every phase of a project.

Our work in contracts includes the selection of the most suitable contracting strategy for any project and following selection the drafting of those contracts and the effective management of the interrelationship between works packages.

Assisting in the tender process and procurement of works packages including design services, foundation, cabling, OHVS contractors and equipment and material suppliers.

Commercial Management
Includes change management and pricing variations in accordance with the contract (FIDIC, EPC, NEC) to enable contractors to get to their money and Employers to have a clear understanding of the time and cost effects of change.

Project Controls
We produce, implement and maintain the Project Programme and assist in monthly reporting and attend management meetings with contractors, suppliers, engineers and developers.

Extension of Time (EoT)
We have an Expert in house capability to assist in the preparation of delay analyses. This can be prospective or retrospective dependent upon the needs of the claim and the contract.

Many of the Consultants working at QUALSURV have a background in contracting. This equips them with the experience required to prosecute claims for the Contractor (FIDIC, EPC, NEC) and a unique insight to defend those received when working for the Employer.