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Renewable Energy Project Portfolio

Examples of some of the projects in which our consultants have been involved are outlined in this section.

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The Princess Amalia offshore Windfarm is located in block Q7 of the Dutch Continental Shelf. This block is located 23 km from the shore where the water is 19 to 24 metres deep. This project was the first offshore Windfarm to be constructed in deep waters and at such a distance from the shore (beyond the 12-mile limit).

The Princess Amalia comprised 65 No. wind turbine structures on mono-pile foundations linked by a low voltage cable network to an offshore high voltage substation, with a 30km HV export cable to the land base.

QUALSURV provided contract and commercial advice on behalf of the employer throughout the construction phase of the project including defense of contractor claims, forensic planning, dispute resolution and delay analysis.


Belguim’s largest energy project consists of 55 no. Vestas V90 3MW turbines with a maximum output of 165 MW. Belwind covers a surface of 17 km² and is set up on the Bligh Bank, 46 km off the coast of Zeebrugge. This sandbank is outside the shipping routes and outside territorial waters, the area the government delimited for wind farms.

The 55 turbines are connected by 33 kV sea cables to an offshore high-voltage station. A 150 kV cable connects the station to an onshore high-voltage station, and then to the Belgian high-voltage grid in Zeebrugge.
QUALSURV provided contract specialist services to the project team including the provision of advice and assistance in respect of the use and interpretation of FIDIC yellow book form of contract, commercial support, assistance with change management and control, preparation and management of client claims, defense of contractor claims, report writing for management and participation in project management tasks.


This project is for the redevelopment of a disused shale tip adjacent to the site of a former colliery into a renewable energy park.

This £20m brownfield development consists of the design and construction of a 3ha platform suitably prepared for the installation of 2MWe Anaerobic Digestion and 4.5 MWe Biomass waste to energy plants. The infrastructure phase consists of a 500,000 m3 earthworks operation, deep drainage and the construction of access roads and service corridors together with extensive landscape planting.

QUALSURV is providing strategic advice, project management and construction services to the client. Activities includes an overall development planning, budget preparation and forecasting, procurement and supervision of a ground investigation contract, procurement and management of the infrastructure design contract, and procurement and supervision of infrastructure construction contracts.